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Anchor AI is here to stem the tide of meeting overload and put you back in control of your productivity. We know that it’s easy to get crushed by being overworked, undervalued, and overwhelmed by a never-ending string of meetings.

That’s why we built an AI meeting management tool for all of us:


Trying to quietly shush their kids during a 1-on-1 with the boss


Supporting leaders and department heads


On back-to-back-to-back calls with no time to take notes, let alone follow up


Working long hours to keep their heads above water

Anchor AI wants to be the grounding force in the relentless tidal wave of meetings that take place in organizations of all sizes, from the one-person business to the enterprise. When the waves are rough, Anchor AI is there to listen, automate, and guarantee you get the most out of every meeting.

Let Anchor AI do the work for you

Our Mission

To maximize meetings, minimize mayhem, and make everyone more productive.

Our Vision

To be your anchor in the chaotic world of information sharing and meeting overload. We seek to break the barriers of unproductivity through sophisticated, robust, and intuitive technology that’s effortless to use and more effort not to use.

Core Values

From product design to the environment in our office we strive to live out these principles every day:

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By now you know that our technology is all about being present and making the very most of the time and energy you have. As a company, we’re all about living and working in the moment, moving beyond old structures, tired thinking, and arbitrary expectations that burden us with shoulds and have-tos.

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Revolutionizing the way we
participate in meetings

Revolutionizing the way we participate in meetings