6 Reasons to Invite Anchor AI to Your Next Meeting

Rachel Campbell |

Jul 1, 2021 |

5 min

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Rachel Campbell

Jul 1, 2021

5 min

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Studies have shown that meetings are never going away, even though most people get annoyed at how many we have.

Actually, I have no idea if studies say that, because what study can actually predict the future that accurately? But, we can all agree that for the foreseeable future, meetings will be one of the main ways we continue to collaborate at work.

The more time you spend in meetings, the more you think about what could be done to make them better (that’s exactly how we started Anchor AI!). And while better means different things to different people, here at Anchor AI we are hyper-focused on providing tools to help you and your team get the most out of the many meetings you have.

How do we do that, you might ask? Well that’s exactly why I wrote this article – read on to find out!

We have many more, but today we’ll start with 6 reasons we believe that Anchor AI is going to revolutionize how meetings operate and make them more productive and effective for everyone.


1. Ability to focus

2. Capture lightbulb moments

3. Action-oriented

4. No more FOMO

5.  Increased accountability

6. Peace of mind


1. Increased ability to focus

Let’s be real, we are living in the most distracted, unfocused age in the history of the world. There are a thousand notifications coming at us from our wrist, phone, and computer, even to sunglasses, cars, and houses for the most technologically-advanced. In meetings specifically, one of the biggest distractions from productivity can be dividing your attention between listening and taking notes.

When multiple people are taking time out of their day to collaborate, you need something to show for it. But at the same time, collaboration is at its best when everyone is participating, not when people have their heads buried in a laptop taking notes.

So, the productivity of meetings has already met a crossroads. You need a clear record of what happened, while also having full focus to contribute.  Automated note-taking products like Anchor AI transcribe the meeting, so that you can reclaim your lost focus.

2. No More Losing Out on Your Lightbulb Moments

We firmly believe that people work best when they work together. Here at Anchor AI, we often find our moments of inspiration happen not when we’re sitting at our desks, but when we’re collaborating and bouncing ideas off of each other.

But, we’ve also experienced the frustration that comes when we have awesome ideas and minutes later forget the best ones in the flurry of brainstorming. With an automated notetaker, those ideas are no longer lost forever. If you say it, we’ll save it, allowing your team to turn those ideas into your next innovation.

3. Disposition for Action

One of the reasons we built Anchor AI was because we’re a team of action-oriented people. We empathize with anyone who feels uncomfortable when a meeting ends with no clear idea of what’s supposed to happen next.

We designed Anchor AI to automatically take notes AND to capture any action items over the course of a meeting. We want to record action items that people are already in the habit of saying, while also reinforcing the habit of wrapping up meetings with reiterated next steps.

The clearer you are with expectations, the easier it will be for Anchor and your team to understand them.

4. FOMO No Mo(re) 

Until cloning is figured out, we unfortunately can never be in two places at once. But, what if instead of wrestling with the ethics of human cloning, we could send a meeting assistant in our place?

With tools like Anchor AI, meetings are recorded and transcribed, so it’s easy to quickly see what you missed. Instead of wondering what you missed out on, let Anchor AI catch you up quickly and efficiently.

5. Accountability for Everyone

Stop me if you’ve been here before. You have a meeting with multiple people for a project you are leading. Throughout the course of the meeting, tasks are assigned, in what you think is a very clear and understandable way. You wrap up the meeting, fully confident everyone understands what’s expected of them. But the next time you meet, the tasks haven’t been completed, because they either weren’t understood or remembered. And, even worse, there’s no way to go back and verify that you did communicate the requirements clearly, so you’re stuck right back where you started.

We think there’s a better way! If every meeting has a transcript and action items automatically generated, every participant will be accountable for what was decided and what needs to happen next. Alignment on action items is attainable with Anchor AI (say that 10 times fast, we dare you)!

6. Ensured Peace of Mind

Let me be very clear about one thing. I don’t think tools like Anchor AI will ever fully replace manual note-taking. As I’ve mentioned in other posts, some people process information best by taking their own notes and organizing the conversation as it happens. But, even the most diligent note-taker is going to miss things, because conversations happen quicker than the fastest typer (where are my fellow speed-typers at?? 97 WPM woo!).

Let Anchor AI be your peace of mind. We’ll capture everything in real time so you can go back and fill in the blanks when the meeting is over.

Rachel Campbell

Rachel Campbell

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virtual-meetingThe Dos and Don'ts of Virtual Meeting Etiquette
Zoom Blog Background5 Tips for Running Successful Virtual Meetings
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