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How it Works

No more manual note taking, remembering who said what, or figuring out what you are meant to do next. Anchor AI makes your meetings better in three steps:


Invite Anchor AI

to your Zoom meeting


Press Record

to begin the transcription and automatically flag action items, keywords, meeting speakers, and decisions made.


Access streamlined,
annotated meeting notes

that capture every detail of the conversation

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No matter how you prefer to take notes, the actual process pulls you out of the present and can make you feel like you’re already missing important details. Things don’t improve much after the meeting wraps; reviewing your notes to find key details eats up time better spent moving on action items that were discussed – or doing anything other than attending another meeting.

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Automated Note Taking

Logging notes is a distraction that can make you feel like you’re at risk of missing important points. Anchor’s AI-powered automatic note taking captures every word so you can concentrate, contribute, and collaborate in the moment.

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Automated Note Taking

Searchable Transcripts

The combination of superior accuracy and powerful search capabilities makes finding thoughts, ideas, and actions fast and easy. Anchor brings clarity that manual recording simply can’t match.

Searchable Transcripts

Team Collaboration

Don’t let productivity end when the meeting ends. With Anchor Ai, you can share meeting transcripts and action items with others to make sure what’s discussed in the meeting is what gets done, even if you are not the boss. The power of progress for the people.

Sharing a Meeting

AI Powered Action Items

Anchor AI collates, tracks, and categorizes what’s said and who said it – and turns that data into accessible and actionable information. Automatically generated, searchable action items keep key points at top of mind so you never miss a beat.

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By now you know that our technology is all about being present and making the very most of the time and energy you have. As a company, we’re all about living and working in the moment, moving beyond old structures, tired thinking, and arbitrary expectations that burden us with shoulds and have-tos.

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Revolutionizing the way we
participate in meetings

Revolutionizing the way we participate in meetings